Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection Baby Ear Muffs
  • Suitable for children from 3 to 36 months
  • Protects against harmful noises and loud music
  • Prevents overexcitation due to noise and helps to ensure uninterrupted sleep when travelling
  • Easy to adjust, adaptable to all body shapes and "grows" with the child
  • Very comfortable thanks to its very soft elastic headband
  • Does not apply any pressure to the head
  • The only hearing protection in Europe with CE marking
  • Available in three colours (black, blue, pink) and systematically delivered with a 2nd grey headband
  • Easy to remove headband for washing
  • Does not contain any metal element
  • Sold with a convient Protect&Go carrying bag
  • SNR attenuation 23 decibels

Baby Earmuffs

30,90 €Price
  • Hearing of babies is extremely vulnerable and the damage occurs faster than we think if we do not take the necessary measures. Indeed, a simple dinner with friends can cause a sound attack on babies' fragile ears.


    Protect your baby’s hearing with Alpine's Muffy Baby ear muffs. They are specially designed for the ears of babies from 3 to 36 months. This noise-cancelling headband not only provides effective protection against harmful noise, it also guarantees your baby a peaceful sleep during all your travels or special noisy occasions.


    The applications are multiple: travel, fireworks, parties or evenings with friends, cinema, dining out, city walks, car or motorcycle races, fairs, festivals...


    In addition to a convenient closure system, the elastic headband adjusts easily to the right size and attaches to the right place. It disperses the pressure evenly around the baby’s head, which avoids the tightness of conventional earmuffs.


    The headbands are available in black, pink or blue. Each headband version comes with an additional grey and white headband. The inside of the shells is composed by a very soft foam for the comfort of your baby.

    With a noise reduction of 23 decibels, these baby earmuffs are the smallest in the world in the field of hearing protection. They can also act as earmuffs to protect your baby from the cold.

Your ear impressions are required to purchase this product (except for kids earmuffs). At decilo, we are able to take your ear impressions with the most adavanced 3D technologies. We are the first in Belgium to offer this service. Ear impressions are included in the price. Click below to make an appointment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.