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Our mission: To protect the hearing of workers exposed to noise.

At the beginning, there is a major problem: More than 90% of workers exposed to noise are at risk of irreversible hearing problems.Workers often use standard hearing protection that is not worn because it is ineffective and uncomfortable. Hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases.

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To address this problem, we have decided to reinvent hearing protection by offering custom fit earplugs made with the latest 3D technology. All our products are certified in France according to the latest European regulations and manufactured in our facility located in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Today, more than 25.000 workers wear decilo hearing protectors throughout Europe. We continue to innovate to always offer new products that meet the requirements of each profession. What are you waiting for to properly protect the hearing of workers exposed to noise?

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The management team

The company decilo was founded in 2019 by Isabelle & Quentin. In her experience as a certified audiologist, Isabelle was affected by the patients she met who had problems with occupational hearing loss. Quentin, a chemical engineer, worked in noisy industrial environments for almost 10 years and was surprised to find that there was no solution for workers exposed to noise. Isabelle & Quentin combined their expertise to create decilo and put hearing protection at the heart of their commitment.


Isabelle Koljaj
Founder & Certified Audiologist


Quentin Jonckheere
Founder & Chemical Engineer

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They trust us

Over 25.000 workers trust our custom fit hearing protection solutions. We are working with large companies but also with small industries from different industrial sectors.



We provide custom made earplugs that are the best solution to properly protect the hearing of employees exposed to noise.



We take the time to educate and train employees on the risks associated with noise and the importance of wearing hearing protection.



We offer various systems to monitor the effectiveness of hearing protection to ensure that employees are always fully protected.


We offer a complete solution for your employees

Discover our 10 commitments to offer the best custom hearing protection & innovative quality services.


Discover our range of products specially developed for professionals and for the industry.