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Welcome to our FAQ section which will give you the latest information and advice on all our products & services.

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General Questions

General Questions

What is the key advantage of decilo products?

Each decilo product is custom made to perfectly fit the shape and size of your ears. Because each ear is unique (even your left ear is different from your right ear!), decilo products are the only ones to offer you an optimal comfort and a perfect fit.

We are using the latest 3D technology to provide you the most accurate and comfortable custom made products. Our manufacturing process combines the latest technology with some manual work to preserve every detail of your ears.

How can I order custom made decilo products?

There are several ways to order our products. As each decilo product is custom made, we need to have your ear impressions. Here are the different options to order our products :



Option 1 : Visit us in our main store located in Brussels (Rue Edith Cavell 171 - 1180 Uccle - Belgium). Our team of certified audiologists will make your ear impressions in 3D free of charge and you will be able to order your earplugs there. Please make an appointment.
Option 2 : If you are unable to visit our main store in Brussels, please make an appointment with one of our certified dealers. Visit the "Where to Buy" page to find the dealer nearest you. The contact informati
on regarding our audiologist dealers is displayed directly on the page.
Option 3 : If you cannot find a dealer in your area, contact us. We will bring you in contact with an certified audiologist near you. He or she will take care of making and sending us your ear impressions.
Option 4 : If we already have your ear impressions, you can contact us directly to place your order.

Where is the main store of decilo located?

The main store and the production unit are located at the following address :
Rue Edith Cavell 171

1180 Uccle


I would like to buy a 2nd decilo product, do I have to make new ear impressions?

Great news! We are delighted that you like our products 😊 You don't have to make new ear impressions. Indeed, we carefully keep your ear impressions in our digital database for 5 years.

I lost my decilo product, can I buy a new one?

In case of loss, we can immediately start a new production of your custom made product. You do not need to make a new ear impressions. Indeed, we carefully keep your ear impressions in our digital database for 5 years.

How long does it take to manufacture decilo products?

The manufacturing lead time for hearing protection is between 5 and 10 working days from the reception of the ear impressions. For other products (IEM and Communication), the production time may be a little longer.


For those who cannot wait for their decilo product, we have set up an Express Service (only for hearing protection). Your product will be ready in record time (2-3 working days). Additional charges apply.

Where are decilo products made?

All our products (except IEM) are manufactured by us in our production unit located in the capital of Europe, in Brussels, Belgium.

What happens if my custom product doesn't suit me?

Your satisfaction is our first priority. Each ear takes a different amount of time to get used to our custom products. You may need 2-3 weeks to become familiar with them. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems with your decilo products.

In addition to the standard 2-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, we offer a warranty on fit & seal for a period of 3 months following delivery of the product. We offer the best warranties in the industry on all our products. Find out more about our warranty by reading our "Terms & Conditions" page.

Ear Impressions

Ear Impressions

Why do you need to make ear impressions to manufacture a decilo product?