decilo Swim

89 €

Custom fit earplugs offering the best protection against water & an ultimate comfort

Enjoy the water by keeping it out of your ears

In addition to the unpleasant feeling of trapped water in your ears, ​water, cold & wind cause irritation of the ear canal. This can cause ear infection & damage your hearing. Protect your ears from water with our custom fit decilo Swim earplugs & enjoy water like never before!



Our custom made earplugs perfectly fit the unique shape of your ears to offer an unbeatable waterproofness. Our custom fit earplugs are recommended by ENT doctors to effectively protect the ears from ear infections and surfer's ear.



Our earplugs are molded to the precise shape of your ears. This leads to an ultimate wearing comfort. The earplugs will never fall out of your ears.



Our earplugs are very easy to use. They just slide easily into your ears. Put them on & take them off with one simple move.



Our earplugs are environmentally friendly because they are durable and reusable for many years. They stay clean as they can be easily washed with water.



Our earplugs are made of soft floating medical grade silicone. Even if the earplugs can't fall out of your ears, it's always nice to find them easily on the water surface.

Enjoy your earplugs in different situations

The decilo Swim earplugs are suitable for different applications where the main goal is to protect your ears from water. In addition to the applications detailed below, they are particularly suitable for people who have sensitive or injured ears.


All our custom fit earplugs are produced in our workshop in Belgium



Swimming can cause otitis externa which is an infection that can result to hearing damage. This type of infection occurs when water gets stuck in the outer ear canal. Having even just a small amount of water in your ear can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to cause inflammation and infection. Avoid any problem with our decilo custom fit earplugs.


Our earplugs also protect against surfer’s ear which is a build-up of bone in the ear canal caused by irritation of water, wind & cold. This is a natural effect of your ear trying to protect itself by creating extra bone. This effect narrows your ear canal leading to more frequent ear infections, earache and hearing loss. Avoid the surfer's ear thanks to our decilo Swim earplugs


The perfect fit

All our earplugs are custom made with the latest 3D technology and meticulously crafted by hand by our team.

Color your life !

Choose your favorite color that matches your lifestyle. You can also personalize your earplugs with a handle, a cord or an engraving!


Join the decilo family!

Let sound in & keep water out


decilo Swim Premium

134 €

We have developed a premium model of swimming earplugs. Those earplugs block the water, wind and the cold but allow the sound to pass thanks to high tech acoustic filters. You can hear your environment and communicate easily. Our filters are made of strong water- and wind-proof material. Those earplugs are perfect for people who need to hear or communicate with their environment (kitesurfing, kayaking...).

Get a refund up to 50€

from your health insurance

We are and are working only with certified audiologists. Our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the latest European guidelines. Several health insurances are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription to get a reimbursement.


& Others...

« I use my decilo earplugs every week when I go swimming. My earplugs are waterproof and super comfortable. »

 — Kevin, Swimmer

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