We are using the latest 3D technologies to provide you the most precise & most comfortable custom fit products. As each ear is unique, our advanced manufacturing process helps us to preserve every detail of your ears.

STEP 1: Taking your ear impressions

The first step of the process is to get your ear impressions. Instead of using conventional the traditional method (injection of a silicone paste in your ears), we are using the most advanced 3D technology.


This 3D technology is perfect for 4 reasons:

  • Accuracy: 3D technology allows us to obtain the best quality of your ear impressions. We capture every single detail of your ears to provide you the best custom fit products

  • Safe: Unlike the traditional method (where the paste may stick to your eardrum), our 3D technology is totally safe and not painful at all. The 3D technology we are using was developed by the MIT in the United States.

  • Fast: Each ear scan takes about 2-3 minutes per ear which is 4 times faster than the traditional method

  • Unique Experience: You will be amazed to discover the shape of your ears​ in 3D

If you can’t come to our store, contact us so that we will connect you with a local audiologist that will take your ear impressions.

For professionals and companies, we are coming to your workplace with our 3D technology to take your team's ear impressions.


STEP 2: 3D Modelization

We will modelize in 3D your selected custom fit product. We will design your product according to your choices. For example we will add or not an handgrip depending on your wishes.

STEP 3: 3D Printing

Your custom fit product will be printed by our state-of-the-art 3D printer using hypoallergenic & bio-compatible materials. The colors and materials we use have been specifically chosen for longevity and durability. This 3D printing process allows us to keep the details from the ear impressions for an optimal comfort.

STEP 4: Hand Assembling

Once the custom fit products are printed, our team refines, smoothes, and assembles the remaining components by hand. This process ensures each custom fit product is a unique piece of tailor-made art for each customer.

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