Enjoy the water with our custom made swimming earplugs.

Perfect for swimming, shower, surfing, triathlons, snorkelling, water-skiing, kitesurfing & other water sports


Water can enter your ears when swimming or taking a shower. In addition to the unpleasant feeling of trapped water in your ears, water can cause bacterial build-up inside the ear, ear infection & damage your hearing. This is why it is recommended to protect the middle ear and ear drum from water. We have the best solution to properly seal your ear canal, so no moisture comes into your ear while swimming, practicing water sports or taking a shower.


Our earplugs also protect surfers against surfer’s ear which is the build-up of bone in the ear canal caused by the irritation of water, wind & cold. This is a natural effect of your ear trying to protect itself by creating extra bone in the ear canal. This effect narrows your ear canal leading to more frequent ear infections, earache and hearing loss.


Swimming Premium Earplugs


  • Perfect protection against water to prevent ear infection, swimmer's or surfer's ear

  • Optimal comfort

  • Stay in your ears without falling out

  • Designed for prolonged and frequent use

  • Easy to use
  • Durable for at least 5 years

  • Washable & disinfectable
  • Recommended by ENT doctors
  • Floating in the water




& Others...

We are certified audiologists and our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the European guidelines.

Several health insurance are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription


You have probably already tried different solutions to protect your ears from water as wearing foam or wax earplugs. None of these solutions really help you to prevent water gets into your ears. The reason is simple: because each ear is unique ! Our swimming earplugs are custom made to perfectly fit the shape of your ears providing the best protection against water & an optimal comfort. 

Best Protection Against Water

As each ear is unique, our custom fit earplugs are the only way to create a perfect fit with your ears to avoid water gets into your ears and prevent ear infections, swimmer's or surfer's ear

Ultimate Comfort

decilo earplugs are made of extra soft medical grade silicone molded to the precise shape of your ears. This will lead to an ultimate comfort with no unpleasant pressure on your ears

Stay in Your Ears

Unlike standard earplugs, decilo earplugs will never fall out of your ears as they perfectly fit the shape of your ears.

Who's not tired of falling earplugs ?

Easy to Use

 Our earplugs are very easy to use. They just slide easily into your ears. Put them on & take them off with one simple move!


Our earplugs are environmental friendly as they are durable & reusable for at least 5 years after your purchase. They stay clean as they can be easily washed 

Choose the color that matches your lifestyle


Ordering custom fit earplugs is easy with us. Here is the process to get them:



Get your ear impressions

Visit us in our Brussels store to get your ear impressions in 3D free of charge. You will be amazed by this unique experience. An appointment is recommended.

If you can’t come to our store, contact us. We will connect you with a local audiologist that will take your ear impressions.


Manufacturing of your earplugs

In the second step, your earplugs are modelized in a 3D software and printed with the latest 3D printing technology.


Get your earplugs

After 5 to 10 business days, your earplugs will be ready. You can either collect them in our store or we can send them to you (free of charge delivery in Belgium).


“As a surfer, I was looking for a solution to protect my ears from water and avoid the surfer's ear disease. Thanks to decilo my ears stay dry and healthy!”

— Simon, Surfer

“decilo water earplugs are the best to protect your ears from water and prevent ear infections. Their 3D technology is amazing !”

— Julia, Amateur Swimmer

"I am regularly prone to ear infections and I have to prevent water from getting into my ears. Thanks to decilo for protecting my ears!"

— Anthony, Prone to ear infections

"I use my decilo earplugs every week when I go swimming. These earplugs are waterproof and super comfortable.”

— Kevin, Regular Swimmer


Perfectly Waterproof


Our earplugs are custom made to perfectly fit the unique shape of your ears without any water breach. They will  keep water, chlorine and unwanted bacteria out of your ears.



Enjoy an ultimate comfort with our extra soft silicone custom fit earplugs that will never fall out of your ears while you practice your water sport.

Ease of Use


Our earplugs are so easy to insert & remove. They just slide easily in your ears with one simple move.



Get them once and enjoy them for years. The material that we are using is easily washable & disinfectable​. Our earplugs are durable & reusable for at least 5 years.

Floating in Water


Our earplugs are manufactured with special materials which allow them to float on the surface of water.



  • Stylish design with thousands of colour combinations

  • Pay back up to 50€ from your health insurance

  • Perfect for prolonged and frequent use
  • Extra soft bio-compatible medical grade silicon

  • Hypoallergenic & antibacterial material

  • Perfect for sensitive or injured ears

  • Recommended by ENT doctors

  • Easily washable with water & soap

  • No electronic components in the earplugs

  • Possibility to personnalize your earplugs with an handgrip or detachable cord

  • Fitting warranty of 3 months & material warranty of 2 years

  • Perfect protection against water to prevent ear infection, swimmer's or surfer's ear

  • Suppress the loud noise in busy swimming pools for example. Attenuation of 30 dB.

  • Perfect for many applications such as: swimming, shower, surfing, triathlons, Ironmans, snorkelling, water-skiing, kitesurfing, water-Polo & other water sports

  • ! Cannot be used at a depth of more than 1 metre. Not recommended for scuba-diving

  • Made in Belgium

Since the launch of decilo, we have been fortunate to collaborate with numerous celebrities & artists such as: the DJ Henri Pfr, the humorist Guillermo Guiz, the entertainer Average Rob, the tour photographer of Lost Frequencies Rafael Deprost, the music producer of Romeo Elvis Todiefor, the DJ Kid Noize, the influencor EnjoyPhoenix & many others.

They are helping us to raise awareness about the dangers of loud sounds and the need to wear hearing protection.


  • A pair of Swimming Premium Custom Fit decilo Earplugs 

  • A nice Protective Cotton Bag

  • A User Guide

  • A Detachable Cord (optional)

  • A Shirt Clip (optional)

All our custom fit earplugs are proudly manufactured in Belgium

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