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Why protecting your ears for work or DIY activities?

During DIY activities or work, safety glasses & gloves are often used, but hearing protection is easily forgotten. However, the intensity of tools expose your hearing to high sound levels. Drilling a hole in a wall easily reaches 110 dB. Did you know that you can suffer irreversible hearing damage after only 5 minutes of drilling? Work safely with our custom made earplugs designed for working in noisy environments. Perfect for working in the house, in the garden or in a wide variety of noisy workplaces.





All our earplugs are custom made with the latest 3D technology to offer a perfect fit. They are meticulously crafted with an absolute precision, one by one, so that they provide a perfect protection & an ultimate comfort for every single ear.

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Our special acoustic filters are blocking all harmfull noise. The filters are reducing noise to a safe level without sacrificing the  speech quality. Our acoustic filters are meticulously designed to be able to discuss with your workmates. Alarm sounds also remain audible. The filters are interchangeable.



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Why choose our Work & DIY custom fit earplugs?

You have probably already tried different solutions to protect your hearing as wearing earmuffs, foam or standard earplugs. None of these solutions really help you. The reason is simple: because each ear is unique ! Our Work & DIY earplugs are custom made and meticulously crafted with an absolute precision, one by one, with the latest 3D technologies. They perfectly fit the shape of your ears providing an ultimate comfort. They prevent hearing damage from harmful noise generated by machinery while preserving your communication with your colleagues.

Perfect Protection

Our earplugs are custom made to perfectly fit the unique shape of your ears and provide you the best hearing protection without any leakage

Ultimate Comfort

Our earplugs are molded to the precise shape of your ears leading to an ultimate comfort with no unpleasant pressure in your ears. They will never fall out of your ears

Clear Communication

Our acoustic filters are designed to reduce the damaging harmful noises to a safe level, while preserving a clear communication with your colleagues. Alarm sounds also remain audible

Easy to Use

 Our earplugs are very easy to use. They just slide easily into your ears. Put them on & take them off with one simple move!


Get them once and enjoy them for years. Our earplugs can be easily washed with water.

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Work & DIY Premium Earplugs

134 € per pair

  • Prevent hearing damage from harmful noise generated by machinery

  • Conversations with your colleagues are still possible

  • Alarm sound remain audible

  • No muffled sound

  • Ultimate comfort with no pressure on your ears

  • Designed for prolonged and frequent use

  • Compatible with any personal protective equipment

  • Almost invisble when they are worn

  • Perfect fit and will never fall out

  • Easy to use, reusable & durable for 5 years

  • Resistant to dust, sweat & water

  • Easily washable with water & soap

  • No electronic components in the earplugs

  • Antiallergic extra soft biocompatible medical silicone

  • Perfect for working in the house, in the garden or in a wide variety of noisy workplaces

  • Suitable for other noisy applications such as motorsport, music venues, airplanes…

Get a refund up to 50€ from your health insurance

& Others...

We are certified audiologists and our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the European guidelines.

Several health insurances are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription

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You have choices

We have designed 2 Non-Linear filters with different attenuations regarding your noise environment: -25dB, -29dB.

Compare and choose the right attenuation that perfectly meet your needs.


Used by the famous

Join the decilo family !

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Choose the color that matches your lifestyle

What our clients say about our products


"It is a pleasure to wear my decilo earplugs when I'm working at home. They protect my hearing perfectly and are super comfortable. Thank you decilo!"

— Stephane, Do-it-yourselfer 


“As a construction entrepreneur, I often had headaches and tinnitus when I came back home. What a difference since I've been using decilo earplugs. I can't get rid of them anymore."

— Patrik, Construction Entreperneur

“Decilo earplugs reduce the harmful noise of the machines I use every day. My earplugs are comfortable and allow me to communicate with my colleagues at work."

— John, Gardener

"I used to use the foam earplugs but they were always falling out of my ears. Now with my decilo earplugs, they protect me perfectly from harmful noises and never fall out of my ears."

— Hugo, Worker in a noisy factory

If you are an industry with several employees, please visit our website dedicated for the industry here


Items included in the box

  • One pair of decilo Custom Fit Earplugs

  • One pair of Attenuation Filters

  • A Waterproof Protective Case with a Keychain Ring

  • A Cleaning Tool

  • A User Guide

  • A Detachable Cord with a Shirt Clip (optional - see our accessories)

  • A Set to replace the filters (optional - see our accessories)

All our custom fit earplugs are manufactured in Belgium

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