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Custom fit hearing protection offering an ultimate comfort & a clear communication

The best hearing protection with no compromise on safety

When riding a motorcycle, the wind noise can be as loud as a jackhammer! Without hearing protection, your ears can be quickly damaged if you are riding a motorcycle, working in an industry or practicing shooting sports. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion people are at risk of hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure. Protect your ears with our custom fit decilo Soft Non-Linear earplugs reducing harmful noise to a safe level.



Our earplugs are made of soft medical grade silicone molded to the precise shape of your ears. This leads to an ultimate wearing comfort even under a motorcycle helmet. The earplugs will never fall out of your ears.



Our non-linear acoustic filtering technology reduces the noise intensity and blocks the high frequencies that are the most harmful to the hearing. Conversations and environmental noises remain perfectly audible.



Our earplugs are environmentally friendly because they are durable and reusable for many years. They stay clean as they can be easily washed with water.



Our custom made earplugs perfectly fit the unique shape of your ears to provide the best hearing protection with no leakage. Our earplugs prevent hearing damage caused by machinery, impact noise and wind during motorcycle rides.



The feeling of isolation is avoided thanks to the high-tech acoustic membranes. Environmental noises such as alarms, traffic or communication systems remain audible.

Enjoy your earplugs in different situations

The decilo Soft Non-Linear earplugs are suitable for different applications where the main goal is to protect your ears from a noisy environment. In addition to the applications detailed below, they are particularly suitable for people who suffer from hyperacusis.


All our custom fit earplugs are produced in our workshop in Belgium



When riding a motorcycle, sound levels can reach easily 100 dB at 120 km/h. With no hearing protection, you can remain exposed to this noise level for only 15 minutes before you get irreversible hearing damage! Even at lower speed, the wind rushing through the helmet is enough to cause hearing damage. Enjoy your ride with our custom made earplugs that will protect you from engine & wind noise.


When working in an industry or doing DIY, safety glasses & gloves are often used, but hearing protection is easily forgotten. However, the intensity of machines & tools exposes your hearing to high sound levels. For example, you can suffer irreversible hearing damage after only 5 minutes of drilling. Work safely with our custom made earplugs designed noisy workplaces.



Gunshots can reach ear-splitting volumes between above 140 dB. Even a single gunshot can cause hearing damage. That’s why having the best hearing protection is more important than ever for shooting sports. The safest combination is to wear custom made earplugs under earmuffs. This way, you will be perfectly protected to enjoy your favorite sport.

Choose your noise attenuation

Our earplugs include the most advanced acoustic filtering technology. In addition to reducing the level of noise to a safe level, the filters allow to communicate. Two non-linear attenuations are proposed so that you can choose the right attenuation for your needs. There are no electronic components in the filters so no need to charge anything. All our filters are interchangeable. You can buy our filters and accessories through our online shop.

-25 dB
N-Lin. Yellow


-29 dB
N-Lin. Purple

Extra Strong


The perfect fit

All our earplugs are custom made with the latest 3D technology and meticulously crafted by hand by our team.

Color your life !

Choose your favorite color that matches your lifestyle. You can also personalize your earplugs with a handle, a cord or an engraving!

Join the decilo family!

decilo Hard model is perfect for industries



decilo Hard

We have developed another model made of hard material specifically developped for dusty and noisy industrial environments. Those earplugs are also equipped with non-linear acoustic filters offering noise attenuations up to 32 dB. Visit our website for industries for more information.

Get a refund up to 50€

from your health insurance

We are and are working only with certified audiologists. Our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the latest European guidelines. Several health insurances are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription to get a reimbursement.


& Others...

« As a construction worker, I often had headaches and tinnitus when I came back home. What a difference since I've been using decilo earplugs. I can't get rid of them anymore. »

 — Tom, Construction worker

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