Enjoy the silence while working, studying or reading

You may have trouble to stay focus while studying, working or reading because of noises from your environment. Lack of concentration makes you lose time and is a source of fatigue. Our custom fit earplugs will bring you the perfect solution by turning down the noises to ensure you stay focused and undisturbed all day!

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Why choose custom fit earplugs?

You have probably already tried different solutions to improve your concentration as wearing foam or wax earplugs. None of these solutions really help you to focus better. The reason is simple: because each ear is unique ! Our concentration earplugs are custom made and meticulously crafted with an absolute precision, one by one, with the latest 3D technologies. They perfectly fit the shape of your ears and provide the best sound attenuation & an ultimate comfort for every single ear.

Best Attenuation

Our earplugs are custom made to perfectly fit the unique shape of your ears to provide a 32dB sound reduction against noises

Ultimate Comfort

Our earplugs are made of extra soft medical grade silicone molded to the precise shape of your ears. This leads to an ultimate comfort with no unpleasant pressure on your ears

Stay in Your Ears

Unlike standard earplugs, decilo earplugs will never fall out of your ears as they perfectly fit the shape of your ears. Who's not tired of falling earplugs?

Easy to Use

 Our earplugs are very easy to use. They just slide easily into your ears. Put them on & take them off with one simple move!


Our earplugs are environmentally friendly because they are durable and reusable for many years. They stay clean as they can be easily washed with water

Concentration Premium Earplugs

89 € per pair

  • Perfect acoustic isolation

  • Ultimate comfort

  • Stay in your ears all day

  • Easy to use

  • Reusable & durable for 5 years
  • Designed for prolonged and frequent use

  • No electronic components in the earplugs

  • Antiallergic extra soft biocompatible silicone

  • Easily washable with water & soap
  • Our earplugs are so small that they are almost invisible when they are worn
  • Perfect for working in Open Space or homeworking, studying, reading and other applications such as sleeping, meditating, travelling...

Get a refund up to 50€ from your health insurance

& Others...

We are certified audiologists and our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the European guidelines.

Several health insurances are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription


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What our clients say about our products


“It was a nightmare to work in open space. I was constantly disturbed. Thank you decilo for these perfect earplugs that are helping me to stay focused."

— Christian, Works in an Open Space

"I finally found comfortable earplugs that stay in my ears and isolate me from noise when I study in the library or at home!"

— Karolina, Student

"My decilo earplugs allow me to be efficient when I work in Open Space. I'm no longer bothered by surrounding noise. I also use them to sleep".

— Simon, Works in an Open Space

"I could no longer concentrate when I was working home because of the noise from the neighbours and the traffic noise in my street. With my decilo earplugs, I can stay focused without being disturbed."

— Gwen, Often works home

Depending on your ear shape, the sound reduction of our earplugs will be equal or greater compared to wax or foamy earplugs. Our earplugs will reduce background noises (conversations, noisy neighbours...). Please keep in mind that it is impossible to block all the sounds. For example alarms remain audible. You will probably also still hear low frequencies sounds (i.e. bass sounds) as they are also perceived by bone vibration (through the nose, the mouth, etc.)

Items included in the box

  • One pair of Concentration Premium Custom Fit decilo Earplugs 

  • A nice Protective Cotton Bag

  • A User Guide

All our custom fit earplugs are manufactured in Belgium

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3D View

Discover a 3D view of a Concentration Premium Custom Fit decilo Earplug

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