Why protecting your ears when flying?

At cruising altitudes, noise are around 85dB. The exposure to 85dB for more than eight hours a day can cause irreversible hearing damage (hearing loss or tinnitus). However, at 100dB (noise level during the take-off and landing), the safe duration of exposure is only 15 minutes a day. In addition to this high noise exposure, people may experience ear pain during takeoff and landing off due to the changes in air pressure. Enjoy your flight with our custom made earplugs which will allow you to protect your ears from the noise and from the pressure change. Perfect for airplane travellers, pilots and crew members.

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All our earplugs are custom made with the latest 3D technology to offer a perfect fit. They are meticulously crafted with an absolute precision, one by one, so that they provide a perfect protection & an ultimate comfort for every single ear.

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Get a refund up to 50€ from your health insurance

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We are certified audiologists and our custom fit earplugs are approved according to the European guidelines.

Several health insurances are paying back a part of the price of the earplugs. You don't need a medical prescription

Anti-Noise Airplane Earplugs

Those custom made earplugs will provide you a perfect acoustic isolation to relax during your flight (32dB sound reduction). Enjoy an ultimate comfort with those earplugs easy to use and that will never fall out of your ears. They are not electronic devices so they are easily washable with water and reusable for 5 years thanks to their antiallergic extra soft biocompatible silicone.

The Anti-Noise Airplane earplugs are perfect for airplane travellers. Those earplugs are also perfectly suitable for other applications such as sleeping, work, meditation, study, read...


Anti-Pressure Airplane Earplugs

Those custom made earplugs are specifically designed to regulate the pressure in your ears and to prevent ear pain during a flight. Their advanced filter technology (with no electronics) reduce the rate of pressure change in the outer ear. They will also reduce background noise allowing you a peaceful and comfortable time on board. They will still allow you to hear clearly your environment and communicate easily. Enjoy a perfect flight with those earplugs providing an ultimate comfort, easy to use and that will never fall out of your ears.

The Anti-Pressure Airplane earplugs are perfect for airplane travellers. Those earplugs are also suitable for noisy applications such as music venues, motorsports, working in an industry, DIY…

We have designed 2 Non-Linear filters so that you can choose the right attenuation for your needs : -25dB, -29dB


Anti-Pressure Airplane PRO Earplugs

The advantage of the PRO Anti-Pressure earplugs over the Anti-Pressure earplugs is that they offer a better sound quality for an utlimate listening experience. Enjoy a sound and speech quality with no sound distortion through all frequencies. 

The Anti-Pressure Airplane PRO earplugs have no electronic components and are perfect to easily communicate with others. They are thus the perfect ally for airplane travellers, pilots & crew members. Those earplugs are also ideally suited for other noisy applications (music venues...)

We have designed 4 Linear filters so that you can choose the right attenuation for your needs : -10dB, -15dB, -21dB & -25dB




Our Anti-Pressure Airplane Earplugs are regulating the pressure to avoid ear pain and reducing the level of sound to a safe level without sacrificing the audio quality. The filters are interchangeable.

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What our clients say about our products


“As an airplane pilot, I use my decilo earplugs during each flight. They are perfect because they reduce the background noise of the plane and allow me to communicate easily.”

— Simon, Pilot


“I never have ear pain anymore in airplanes thanks to my decilo earplugs! What a joy to have them with me on every trip!”

— Kevin, Airplane Traveller

“I can finally sleep comfortably all the flight with my airplane earplugs. I also use them to sleep at home. Perfect purchase!”

— Sophie, Airplane Traveller


“I use my decilo earplugs every day. They are discreet, comfortable to wear, reduce the airplane noise, allow me to communicate and avoid ear pain.”

— Victoria, Air Hostess


All our custom fit earplugs are manufactured in Belgium

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