We started decilo in Brussels in 2016. As music lovers and having relatives with permanent tinnitus, we have always been sensitive to our hearing.

We were surprised to not find any modern solution in the market to get earplugs adapted to the unique shape of each ear. This is why we decided to reinvent the way how custom fit earplugs are made with the latest 3D technologies.

As experienced audiologist & chemical engineer, we have spent 3 years of research and development to develop the best custom fit earplugs by using the 3D technology.


In 2019, we have launched our first store decilo located in Brussels in the Dansaert district. We have since developed different custom fit hearing solutions for different applications.


Isabelle Koljaj

Co-founder & Certified Audiologist

Quentin Jonckheere

Co-founder & Engineer


We are providing the best custom fit earplugs with an innovative top notch service.

Happy Clients

We make sure that your custom fit products are produced quickly and suit you perfectly even after your purchase thanks to our warranties going up to 5 years

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Our team is working in the audiology industry for more than 5 years and has developed a solid expertise in the hearing field and the technology industry

Premium Certified Custom Fit Products

We are using unique 3D technologies to provide you the best custom fit hearing products certified according to the the latest European guidelines

Adapted to Your Needs & Wishes

We are personnalizing every single earplug following your situation and wishes. We are also offering specialized services tailored to your needs

All our custom fit earplugs are proudly manufactured in Belgium

We have equipped workers in many industries located in the Benelux countries and in France. We are protecting the ears of employees working in various industrial sectors such as the construction, food, aeronautics, manufacturing and many others. We are providing earplugs always adapted to the work environment. We are protecting the hearing of workers from small to large companies. We are also offering other services adapted to your needs such as hearing test, noise trainings...

Here is a sample of the range of companies working with us.


Since the launch of decilo, we have been fortunate to collaborate with numerous celebrities & artists such as: the DJ Henri Pfr, the humorist Guillermo Guiz, the entertainer Average Rob, the tour photographer of Lost Frequencies Rafael Deprost, the music producer of Romeo Elvis Todiefor, the DJ Kid Noize, the influencor EnjoyPhoenix & many others.

They are helping us to raise awareness about the dangers of loud sounds and the need to wear hearing protection.


Gertjan Buyck

Champions of ear protection!

Quality service and products


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